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Is this a common if a guy is gay?

I have a couple of gay friends and I notice that sometimes when gay men are unsure of their sexuality or not ready to come out of the closet, they will date a couple of girls first. But the relationship will end in a few months and they will say things like girls are a hassle, i would rather be alone.
I didn’t think much of this until I recently have a crush on a friend (I am not sure if he is gay or not) and he said the same things. He dated this girl for 6 months and he said girls are too troublesome, relationship is hard. Blah blah blah. And he has been single for 3 years already. And he has not expressed interest in any female so I think they he may be gay. Another thing is that when his ex pressurized him to get married his reaction was to flee as far as possible. I can understand the fear of not being ready for marriage but the way he reacted is too excessive. And he could’ve asked her to delay it if he really likes her…?
Is this a common if a guy is gay?
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