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Am I right to be bothered by this?

After a pregnancy scare my boyfriend is so weird during sex. He keeps pulling out even tho I’m on the mini pill. He will always mention pregnant. And pulls out non stop during sex to pace and not cum inside me. It’s a complete buzz kill for me. Sex used to be care free and so much fun and he’s making it like that. He wouldn’t do that with anyone else either and hasn’t in the past just me.

How can he possibly be enjoying it if that’s on his mind?

Am I right to be bothered? It should be care free and fun. Not like this.
He wants it less and acts less sexual too and I know he is masterbating more. He is enjoying that mroe to isn’t he?
He isn’t enjoying the sex thinking about that
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He is enjoying the sex
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Am I right to be bothered by this?
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