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My boyfriend fell asleep when pleasuring me?

We’ve been having problems for a while now on his end with ED. He still needs to get medical advice because we think it’s hormonal. He’s been this way since we met. Thing is, he actually fell asleep whilst fingering me last night. We had already had sex and he came but it took him a while.

Honestly, I just feel like shit and I got so mad at him. I said I would never fall asleep on him like that and obviously he makes me feel
really undesirable and like he can’t be bothered pleasuring me. The ED is one thing but falling asleep is another. He said I need to be more understanding as he has a problem. I said I’m not instigating any more. I can’t handle feeling this way.

Then he got upset and cried and said he doesn’t feel good enough which made me cry and it’s just a big mess. I guess some people can live without sex? I don’t want to lose him. I need some advice
My boyfriend fell asleep when pleasuring me?
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