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You think she had fun?

We only fucked once. I blew her back out for like 5 minutes straight, along with a lot foreplay. But other times we had a lot of sexy adventures. I stripped her naked at a lake in the middle of the night and we went skinny dipping. I picked her up and ate her ass and pussy right there on the beach. I also stripped her completely naked and did the same thing at a park and a river on separate occasions. I also gave her hickies all over her. There isn’t a single place on her body that my mouth hasn’t touched.

We stopped talking because she moved back to college 2 hours away. I didn’t want to deal with that.
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1 mo
What makes that not fun and why did she keep driving 2 hours to come back?
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The guys have to be trolling with these votes. I mean c’mon… who gets their ass are on the beach?
You think she had fun?
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