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To lose my virginity or not to lose my virginity?

I am 28 years old and still a virgin by choice. Not waiting for marriage. I had relationships and I was in situations where I was naked with a man in bed but it felt wrong to me because either I had a problem of trust with the person, or I did not feel a good connection or I was not sexually attracted to him. It is very rare that I am sexually attracted to a man and there were times I thought I might not be attracted to men.
The other guys in recent years have cut me off as soon as they find out I'm a virgin, which is fine and it's better for me without them. I was always debating whether I should wait or just enjoy my life, because I feel like I'm missing a lot.
I have a new crush on one of the instructors at my gym. I feel a crazy sexual attraction that I have never felt before.
I LUST for him and this feeling exited me and feels good since it's a new feeling for me.
I thought about it and said to myself the heck with it, I live only once and I want him. I just want him physically and I have no problem casually sleeping with him if he's gonna make a move.
I never talked to him but he seems in his early 20s and I really do not see an option to fall in love with him and go out with him which is great for me because it blocks me from attaching to him emotionally. I caught him looking at my body and it made me feel really good.
My dilemma is to tell someone that young that I am 28 years old and a virgin. With age it gets a little more and more awkward for me to tell that. And I do not even know if he will want to hookup with me.(men as I understand from my experience), don't want a virgin because it is less fun, and why he should be with a 28-year-old virgin when he can be with someone experienced. I'm really scared to make fun of myself because there is no way I'm gonna go back to the gym and face him afterwards.

Ps. How can I get him to approach me?
To lose my virginity or not to lose my virginity?
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