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What causes a man in a relationship to develop a desire to be cheated on or cuckolded by his wife?

A couple years ago I learned about cuckold. A cuckold is a married man who gains sexual arousal when his wife is having sex with another man or he hears about it after the fact usually by his own wife. He may be hiding in a closet peaking through a hole in the wall or watching a hidden camera on closed circuit tv as his wife is having a sexual affair with someone she just me or even a long term lover that she has sex with and may even go out on regular dates. He may or may not have known that his wife was out with her lover on a date and then had sex or met up just for sex. When his wife returns home she tells her cuckold husband everything she did. She offers detailed information about the sex even comparing her lovers larger erect penis to her husband's much smaller penis. Her lover pleases her needs but her husband does not because he may have trouble getting or keeping a hardon. She tells her husband about the great sexual time she had with her lover and humiliates her husband by saying mean things about how he lacks sexual performance. Her husband does not get mad at all. He enjoys everything she is telling him and wants all the spicy details. It may not matter how he found out about it or if he witnessed it while hiding in a closet or on security camera either way he gains a significant increase in his sexual arousal. His sexual performance gets stronger. He can even satisfy his wife sexually because his penis gets hard faster and stays erect much longer. The couple will both agree that it was directly related to him getting excited over the cheating that his wife has done or is doing on a regular basis. I even heard that cuckolding may modify her husband's sexual preference to Bisexual. He is told by his wife and maybe even her lover that he could never satisfy his wife the way her new lover's enormous cock fills her up. He takes orders from his cheating wife like Wash and wax my lover's car while they have sex. How does this happen?
What causes a man in a relationship to develop a desire to be cheated on or cuckolded by his wife?
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