Is it true a lot girls are "dying to get some"?

I was listening to a kid rock song"Man.. How could u be so dumb? Jus look at all the girls.. dying to get some... man... jus don't be a wussy.. and I guarantee you could get a piece of pussy..."I find that kinda hard to believe... I thought girls are not interested in sex that much cos they don't really have to try cos they can get any guy they want... I've never tried to "get some" cos I think what's the point when there's so many alpha chads that they can get, surely they'll all jus reject me so never even attempted to get some... probably will always be a virgin... I wanna take kid rocks advice but I bet it's much harder than he makes it seem lolAnd besides I don't even have any game or even know what to say lol, jus go up to some random chick in the street and ask to f*** ? Lol I have no idea... I find kid rocks statements hard to believe
I'm a girl. Kid rocks right. I'm dying to get some
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Is it true a lot girls are "dying to get some"?
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