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Questions about a bj I gave?

so i gave a guy head the other day, and i have a few questions about it. (to preface this is not my first time giving head in general, but i’ve never given head to this guy before, also we are both college students I don't know if that effects any answers or not but i thought i’d throw that in) so, one he said it was “top tier head” and it’s “one of the best bjs he’s ever had” i’ve gotten feedback similar to this before, but I don't know i just feel like it’s not true, bc i really don’t think i was doing my best work, but he seemed to really enjoy it, and after he had finished he kept asking if i could do it again. second at one point he kept trying to cover his face with a pillow which confused me, and at one point i took the pillow away and was like no let me see you, and third he asked if he could record me giving him head, and i was like just enjoy the moment, because i did not want the potential for a video of me giving head to wind up on the internet, so my questions are do guys lie when they say you’re doing amazing/giving some of the best head they’ve ever gotten, why did he cover his face with a pillow, and why did he ask to record me doing it?
Questions about a bj I gave?
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