Guys what do women expect in a man when she is dating him?

For me a lot of men expected women to have no body hair. I think everyone should learn to accept women being hairy. Staying completely hair free is expensive and time consuming, waxing is painful, laser hair removal on pubic areas where nerves are very sensitive can cause discomfort. I’m not saying women should stop shaving. Women and girls should choose what to do with their bodies, but they shouldn’t shave just because people expected them to shave.

If they wanna shave because of their own reasons it’s good. What’s bad is that they have to shave to feel accepted by strangers and to please many people whom they don’t know. We women shouldn’t do stuff to please others but to please ourselves. I think we shave is because of patriarchy. Meaning we don’t really have a choice. I don’t hate my body hair or feel ashamed of it. But most women seemed to hate it. The only place I shaved are my underarms the rest of my body remains hairy. I shaved not because to please society or random people. I shaved because I expected my partner to have a clean shaved face it’s not very fair to expect someone to shave yet you refused to shave, that’s the main reason why I did it to impress someone who’s important to me.

I don’t care if other people are disgusted by my presence or pay attention to me like I give a shit what they think. Plus in my country most men have no beard so it kinda makes me think I have to put in effort to look good. In supermarkets here you will see the razors on the men’s area and women’s area have a gap in the place where they hang stuff. That means people are buying those, both genders. I would be happy if my boyfriend shaves only one area just like I put in effort to shave my underarms. I think the reason why I’m turned off by beards is because I grew up in a country where beards were very rare.

I felt like I’m the only one who don’t have high expectations when it comes to finding a mate. But I’m not really sure what most women expect their men to have.
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I think the reason why some men have high expectations is because of women having high expectations. I liked a guy who puts in effort to look good for himself not to impress people, he shouldn’t care what people think of him. If I chose to be a lazy girl I would of course date a lazy guy. I’m someone who works out therefore I expect him to be in shape not necessarily he had to spend many hours working out to get that ideal body type which society expects men to have.
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I think society puts pressure on men to act or look a certain way which is very toxic. It’s possible for me to find a guy who doesn’t find body hair a deal breaker and is a good man.
Guys what do women expect in a man when she is dating him?
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