Why am I never good enough for anyone?

I think if every guy knew he had the chance chance be with Margot Robbie or Megan Fox they would take it in a heartbeat.
meaning beauty isn't in the eye of the beholder I use dating apps, and whenever someone conventially attractive comes on there. all the dudes flock over her. So to say someone would find me beautiful is bullshit.
I have a conventially attractive sister. guys come up to me to ask about her. she's never had trouble finding men. she's a bartender and gets numbers all the time. she met her now husband and got married. We look nothing a like. my ex would stare at her. I've been out of town at a bar and no one wanted me. so why even try? I'm not even pretty. I'm boring, and have social anxiety which makes me quiet. my own mom told me to lose weight so I could find someone. my friends always have guys after them and think every guy is crushing on them. I know models too and girls who are actually pretty. so don't tell me beauty is in the eye of the beholder cause that's bullshit. i put a photo of us on a social forum and guys chose her. And even in the bbw group I'm in. guys have called her hot. guys made me feel dumb even thinking someone would love me. I got told to stand away from them and maybe someone would approach me. got told to go out alone so there's no distractions.
doesn't matter if you have confidence, pretty privilege exists. it's embarrassing, I'm embarrassing. I don't fit in looks wise with my family. I'm slow and boring. who wouldn't wanna date them? lol
truth hurts. I'm not good enough. I never get out, when I do I can't meet anyone. I've had my friends for 10+ years. I've never been approached. ever.
the next time a dude tries to tell me they like big women I'm laughing in their face
have fun following half naked chick's chick's watching p0rn cause you'd rather lust after other woman than your lady. But no one wants to talk about that huh? :) you'll never be good enough. Why am I never good enough?
Why am I never good enough for anyone?
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