Being bisexual, how you manage after marriage?

Indians and bisexuals are more welcome to answer.
Had been in intimation with both gender before marriage. My wife knew I'm a bisexual as I confessed already.
Being married I feel its tough to stay monogamous, I mean I never thought of being with other girl as my wife satisfies me, so straight guy inside me gets satisfied , but the other guy (the gay guy) inside me often frustrated. I'm not promoting polyamorous here, but I feel I might can't that stay monogamous anymore as pressure inside me building up as months go on. My friends too suggesting as its not cheating as its same gender. And also I'm not gonna say to my wife I do so as she is not that much open minded kinda homophobic.(Had big quarrel when I confessed bisexual, but she accepted me at the end).
6 mo
I just mentioned Indian as culture kinda different here, so it's not limited to Indian, opinions from everyone appreciated.
Being bisexual, how you manage after marriage?
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