When you were a kid did you ever have adults talk to you about adult stuff?

It dawned on me how times have changed. I still remember being a kid and overhearing my uncles and some of their friends talking about pussy this and pussy that and all the different machinations they used to get some women into bed. I remember when was in high school my uncle would ask me if I "got some" and then tell me how to talk to the girls at school and what I needed to do when it was time to get get some booty.

Thinking back these were all old school men... they were raised in poverty and in a much more conservative and harsh culture... men were men and women were women. Men were to be stoic and headstrong while the complaining and outbursts were for women and children. Homosexuals did exist but they were despised and ridiculed. If you called another man "gay" or insulted his mother you were asking for a fight.

It's weird how different boys and girls were treated back in the day. If you were a boy the older guys would talk to you about the birds and the bees and how to "get some" and how to be manly , to not show too much emotion etc. If you were a girl sex was never mentioned because women did not have sexual feelings and if they did they were thought of as loose. I recall all my relatives telling me to find a nice girl and I recall how my sister and female cousins were taught to save themselves for marriage. I recall my mom's friend giving me a taste of beer when I was around 7 years old and then laughing when I thought it was gross and saying I would appreciate it when I became a man.

Times have changed. What do you think?
When you were a kid did you ever have adults talk to you about adult stuff?
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