Help on my situation?

Warning: BDSM and Poly Topics!

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So for almost a year now I have been talking with this guy online. He lives out of the country but close enough that a relationship would be pheasable traveling to visit along with online dating.

Personality we hit it off amazing. I can talk to him about anything without being worried. I have anxieties that have often come up between us and he's always there to help me calm down and gather myself while supporting me and easing my anxieties.

However, along with distance he's sexually unavailable right now. There are some legal things that he is going through that mixed with stress and the nature of said things - his libido is ZERO.

Me and guy 1 are NOT dating. I am SINGLE and have communicated this very early and clearly to anyone involved here. However, emotionally our feelings are very deep and we've discussed dating and are going to make a decision on this once we meet in person to make sure chemistry and everything translates to being around eachother in person.

Between covid, boarders, and the legal stuff this has been on hold almost a year. Should be able to visit him in a few months.

Going back to guy 1's entier lack of sex drive:
Because of this, he and I have talked about me doing hookups, and having a dedicated person that I mess around with.
I did not have to ask for his opinion of this, but it felt the right way to go about being very open communication wise and having nothing to hide if things do work out, and as a courtesy to him and his feelings. He is chill with it with a few rules (don't introduce them to eachother, don't need to tell him when stuffs going to happen, what we do ext ext)

Guy 2 is the guy I met while having hookups, he's currently the only person I sleep with physically, and he is also 100% aware of the situation with guy 1 and knows that emotionally I intended to be unavailable.

I am reaching character limit, and will continue to explain in comments
6 mo
I don't have as much space for updates but here's the rest:Guy 2 and I have been spending a TON of time together partially out of circumstances but also because he's amazing. I broke my toe and he has stepped in as a sort of caregiver as well. I've loaned him my car and he's a spare key to my place as anytime I need to do errands he's over here after work to hangout and help out and have a fun time.
6 mo
Being in a dynamic with him has made me realize that I need a BDSM dynamic in person with whomever I do end up dating. I am absolutely on cloud 9 getting to explore my kinks and a d/s, m/s dynamic in person. I've also started playing DnD with him and his friends and having a blast. I have a busy life lots of animals and can be very quirky and every bit of myself and my life is appreciated by him and supported in some way.
Help on my situation?
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