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Is this fetish worth ending a new relationship?

I have been seeing someone I met in school for about 2 weeks. We text all the time. He is very sweet and we're looking for all the same things. Everything has been smooth sailing until tonight. I found his Twitter which show his likes to the public. I looked through them and found some very strange porn. Keep in mind there was also a lot of "normal" porn. There were things like enemas, pregnancy, birthing eggs, and obesity. I'm not taking about liking bigger women I'm taking about force feeding and being extremely full and drawing of naked women who were so large that a real human would have died before getting that big.
I really like this guy and I invaded his privacy and I feel like I shouldn't judge him based on a sexual interest. Everything else has been great with him. Is this to much of a red flag to look past? We all have things we're sexually attracted to just Because I don't understand it doesn't mean he doesn't deserve love like everyone else
My main concern is being asked to be a part of these things. Because he also liked some normal porn I would imagine he would only do what I'm comfortable with. But at the same time he should be allowed to be with someone who is into the same things. Please help. Any advice is much appreciated!!!
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Is this fetish worth ending a new relationship?
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