Who here is a exhibitionist and how do you think you got started. My second confession?

After my previous confession post, I learned I liked to show off my body. I started being careless, intentionally about skirts and dresses. I would sit on my desk in classes and let boys look up to see my underwear.

I started to make more friends. I got really popular in school, was no longer as shy came out of my shell.

This is when I started to get really curious about what sex would feel like, I was playing around more with myself in secret. Been raised we weren't suppose to do that ever.

Started flirting with the boys and making friends with many of them. I had some really good friends that I would sit on their lap, or we'd go to dances and rub bodies but that is as far as it went.

Near the edge of the family property. There was some trees by the canal, it was a little forest. There was also some really tall grass on the other side of the trees. I could literally walk through the grass and only have my head showing.

Neighborhood teens would come here to have sex all the time. Someone even had a old bug filled mattress in the middle of it, with tree branches over to make a roof and a bug filled sleeping bag.

I would get really horny and go up there and strip. I would would walk around kind of hoping to run into a boy my age that would want to play around. Sometimes I would go into the tall grass and walk through it, with nothing on.

There were houses on the other side. Sometimes I would lay down in the tall grass and rub until I went.

Other times I would just walk around being ultra turned on, I would go and take care of things myself. This is when I also started to learn that the thrill of getting caught made things more intense and I started trying to find everyway possible to orgasm.

I have often wondered how many other people did stuff like this, similar or different, boys or girls.

If your not a exhibitionist, likely would not have done anything like this. If you lived in a big city, probably unable to due to no where to go.
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Thanks everyone, I often wondered how unique or odd I am. This puts things in perspective a bit more.
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All of this happened when I was 13-14 years old. I just realized I forgot to put that in and it could be confusing to some.
Who here is a exhibitionist and how do you think you got started. My second confession?
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