Why won’t my boyfriend sext me?

We are long distant we where in a small argument I told him I was at a party and to sext me later let’s just put the argument behind us. It was very small no name calling just a disagreement regarding feelings for his ex
i told him something my friend said about I’m gonna take your phone go flirt with and get real dick not imaginary (I asked this question on here before last night my bad)
i asked him ok before I go to spend time with my friends sext me in a few hours I’m horny
thennnn he said nothing
so when I gotten home I said “well what would you do it I was there kissing your neck and rubbing your crotch feeling on your big dick”‘and again he ignored me. So I brought up the thing we where arguing about earlier since I wasn’t getting any play anyway and he said “go get some dick and stop complaining that shit annoying”
Why won’t my boyfriend sext me?
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