Are we only friends with benefits if we're traveling together?

I (18f) started college in Aug & met "M" (18m) during the first week. We spent the next month hooking up & only really interacted in a club we're both in. Apart from a short break in Oct (my idea), weve been consistently seeing each other & we talk a LOT each day. But over the last month, weve gotten really close. We spend a lot of time together, all his friends know about me, & weve had the "'are you seeing other people?' 'no, you?'" convo. But we live across the country from each other & our winter break is a month long. Out of the blue, he suggested that he could come visit SoCal (I live in NorCal) & that I could join him. His logic is he likes the beach, warm weather, & me, & that hed rather be anywhere besides his house. I agreed, bc the drive isn't super long or difficult & I've started to catch feelings so Im def not complaining about a chance to see him. But a week after we talked about this, he called us "friends with benefits." he's said he's not super concerned about labels when I mentioned Id be nervous to start a relationship in the first semester of college after ending a long-term one before school started, so I understand why the term friends with benefits gives us a lot of wiggle-room. But tbh I wouldn't complain if we started officially dating in the new year; Im j worried that he's not on the same page. Bc were planning to meet in Jan about a week before school starts again, Im thinking of asking him where he's at. Is that a good idea? I don't know if Id be overstepping boundaries or smthn but him planning to travel w me to SoCal is kind of big, right? He has a lot of money so the trip isn't crazy for him & he's not visiting me in NorCal, so Im kind of worried he's not *that* invested in seeing me, more j horny. But he's planning all these activities for us to do (like a wind farm tour?) & it doesn't seem like smthn someone trying to j link would put together. idkk... Id love some input before I completely embarrass myself haha
Are we only friends with benefits if we're traveling together?
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