Around how many times did you have to have sexxx before you got used to it?

1. Did you get the hang of it in that same day or did it take different days?
2. Was it easier the next time around with a different sexual partner or still complicated as if you were a virgin all over again?
3. Did it take long to start fcking like a pro?
PS, if you’ve only been with one person or are still a virgin, feel free to say so.

When my virginity was taken, I couldnt do shit and it definitely took a few more weeks after that to get used to it. But then again, we only did it like one day a week because he had to keep pressuring me into it. The first session wasn't exactly by choice and i was surely groomed. I probably didn't open up much because i didn't want to do it in the first place but he proceeded anyways. The two different days sometime later, i was able to fully take the tip. It just hurt being stretched out. But that 4th time (some weeks later), I just randomly felt ready. The sexxx wasn't supposed to happen but it did and my hormones were raging. He had finally broken me and I suddenly wanted it and could take it almost fully and i’d say I took it quite well. I was a wild cat that day and from that day forth.

I wonder how much it differs for guys losing their virginity vs girls because with my other ex, he caught on much faster then I did when I was a virgin. When losing his, we found my hole much more easily (unlike my ex who humped my inner thigh, thinking he was inside of me) 🙈 But yea, with this ex, he felt we disappointed God because we didn't make it til marriage. He tried to blame me for being seductive but he was just as much of a tease. Anyways, the next day, he suddenly had the Wrath of a Titan and that guilt temporarily went out the window. I don't know where all the pent up energy came from but he was ready to fck like a pro that morning. And yes we went from 10am Saturday til 2am Sunday with minor 10-15 minute breaks inbetween some of the rounds.
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When i say getting the hang of it, im referring to, for example, how a girl could finally get used to that specific guys genitals. Like if you couldnt deep throat or take all his dick, how many times til you got used to that guy specifically? Like how long til you became a pro at riding him like you’re used to him? And was it easier taking the second sexual partner compared to the first. And for guys, like if your first couldn't handle your dick in sex/oral, how many tries?
Around how many times did you have to have sexxx before you got used to it?
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