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My boyfriend won't let me pleasure him with my hands or mouth?

My (23F) boyfriend (24M) doesn’t let me pleasure him in any way other than penetrative sex.

Early into our relationship I had a conversation with him about what he likes sexually and vice versa. I expressed that I enjoy receiving and giving oral, but he expressed to me that he’s never actually tried to go down on a woman. He said maybe he could try and learn, but that was the end of the conversation. I haven’t brought it up again because I didn’t want to feel like I’m pressuring him to do something he’s not comfortable/unfamiliar with-but I feel it’s come to a point where I feel like I’m missing out on something when we have sex. He’ll typically finger me and I will come, but it’s just not the same as someone going down on me.

On top on that if I want to initiate sex, I can never go down on him or use my hand to get it up. When I try to he pushes me away so I stop. I asked and he says he’s just not used to it. At first I had asked him if he could masturbate and I watch and do the same but he acted so weird and said he never masturbates.(Which is a lie cause I used his phone one time and links of porn he forgot to close out of were still open). I wanted to do this cause I thought maybe I wasn’t doing it the way he likes so I was going to try and mimic his patterns.

I really like him and we have good sex I just feel like I’m missing out on being pleasured properly and I don’t want to pressure him. I think I know the answer to this question but I’m hoping someone might be able to give me some insight. I also think his attitude towards may be because of his upbringing. His mom is a very devout Christian so maybe he was shamed from masturbating and sex? I don't know.
My boyfriend won't let me pleasure him with my hands or mouth?
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