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Should I just go for it?

I was talking to this dude for a couple of months. We talked literally everyday all day. It slowly started to decline but we were seeing each other a lot more since I was back from school. So one day I let some stuff happen but I stopped him from going all the way. From the beginning I have always said I never wanted a relationship with him or anything. I’m just new to dating but he is thd first guy to make me feel like I’m comfortable wit sex. So even though he is kind of ghosting me rn if he was just wanting sex I kind of don’t mind because I feel he is the perfect person to take my virginity. I don’t want to look desperate if I text him again. We haven’t talked all day and yesterday we only talked that morning. He is piling away but I’m not blocked and I don’t feel comfortable with any other guys atm. Should I text him or call and ask? I don’t want to look crazy or him to think I’m Jairo Turing out because I think he is leaving. I didn’t let him that night because I was fresh off of work. What should I do?
Should I just go for it?
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