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Guys, would you let other women take your bisexual girlfriend home sometimes?

I'm bisexual and I have been with my first boyfriend my whole adult life. I lost my virginity to a girl and got together with my boyfriend shortly after that so I haven't touched a woman in nearly 10 years.

I have no interest in other men, and I am super in love with my boyfriend but I'm really craving an experience with a girl and I want to be a little bit wild while I'm still young. I'm always seen as the good girl and the family girl and I've worked hard to get close with his family and I always do what's expected of me and I want to have some more adventurous experiences.

I would want to explore it just me and a girl at first but I would be willing to try a threesome with him at some point, although I don't even think he's into threesomes. I still think it would benefit him in the long run though because I struggle with my libido due to my depression and ADHD and I think that this would fire it up A LOT.

I think it would be hot to come home after and tell him all about my adventure and what she did that I liked. We went to his friend's party in the summer and I think he knows how I feel because he was joking about how his one friend, who is also a bi girl, seemed to have a crush on me and probably wanted me.

My boyfriend isn't the jealous type and he actually seems to get excited by other people finding me attractive because he knows I'd never cheat. He seemed to be encouraging it but she was sloppy drunk and these friends were younger than us so it was a messy college house kind of situation and I wasn't comfortable.

I also just felt like, even if she did want me, she couldn't really consent that drunk so there was no point. And she was like 19 and I was 25 so that's just not my thing.

But I have been approached several times by gorgeous girls, closer to my age or older, at the club and I wanted to ask but I'm nervous about how he'll react. How should I even start that conversation? Every time it happens I feel too guilty to even give them my number. :(
Guys, would you let other women take your bisexual girlfriend home sometimes?
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