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Is it common to get ghosted because you wouldn't put out?

I started seeing this guy 3 weeks ago, we had 4 dates so far with constant daily communication. I told him right from the start before meeting that I don't have sex with guys unless we're officially dating. He was cool with that and said that he just wants to hangout because he likes my persona. So we met and there was instant physical attraction that led to very intense, intimate make-out sessions every time we saw each other. I was comfortable enough to give him blowjobs and let me finger me, but not further then that (yet). He respected me and would pull away when he would get too excited to get inside me. We also had many interesting and heart-to-heart conversations and we did our mutual hobbies together. But the last time he was leaving my place (again without sex) he seemed a bit sad. Then the next day he told me he didn't go to some big bday party he was supposed to go to because he didn't want to come to temptation to do stupid shit (drugs, alcohol, sex) sounding extremely stressed and depressed. He used to tell me before that he would always end up doing drugs and hooking up with a girl on these kind of parties. I told him I think he made the right choice. And that's it, haven't heard from him since, 3 days now. He never ignored my text before.
Is it common to get ghosted because you wouldn't put out?
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