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Is it time to clamp down hard on covid?

First of all I don't want to hear about so called side effects. They said masturbation makes you blind but here you are reading this.
Neither do I want to hear about freedom of choice, when your actions effect others those freedoms can be removed. That's why your not allowed to smoke on planes, drive at 100mph or shit in swimming pools. People need to be controlled.
The black death in Europe only lasted a fraction of the time of covid, why? Because If you had it they nailed you and your family in your house. No pissing around with plague passes. No bullshit medical advice off facebook, you took your leeches and were grateful for them.

But when it comes to covid what is the best way? Carrot, stick or both?
Is it time to clamp down hard on covid?
Carrot. Reward people for confirming
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Stick. Severely punish non conformers
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Carrot and stick
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Do nothing, let's thin out the herd
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Is it time to clamp down hard on covid?
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