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What Do You Really Think Of An Older Woman And A Teenage Boy?

I was managing a clothing store when an 18 year old started working with me. We became like mother and son. He got another job but we continued our friendship. He visited me often. It was nothing sexual but he would tell me how nice I looked and liked to take photos of me.

He said that I had a nice rear end. I told him he could touch it if he liked it so much. I was just joking, I didn't think he took me seriously, but when I hugged him goodbye he felt my rear end. I was shocked but didn't object.

After that I would stay in the goodbye hug while he had his feel. One evening I was wearing pajamas and can you believe he slipped his hands inside them and felt up my bare rear end? But I enjoyed it and masturbated afterward.

We were going on a day trip to celebrate my 40 birthday. I don't know what came over us but we never made it. We ended up stopping at a hotel and getting a room.

I just went wild on him with my mouth. I sucked him off over and over again. We would rest a little bit and then I would lick his balls to get him erect again. I sucked him dry until he couldn't function anymore. He didn't have a drop of cum left.

After that I would do whatever he wanted sexually. He spent a lot of time licking me. Whatever We did he would start by licking me for about half hour. We did endless 69. He loved to kiss my rear end thousands of times. We both trimmed our pubic hair to make it easier.

He gave me sexy clothes that he wanted me to be wearing when he came over. Stockings, a slip and a miniskirt.

One evening we parked in a lovers lane and I blew him in my car.

We made a porn video on my phone. I licked his balls while he masturbated in my face.

I served his mother in the store and she had no idea I had the the taste of her son's cum in my mouth from the night before.

This went on for ten months until he decided that he had to do something with his life and joined the military. I still can't believe this happened. I had never done anything like this before.
What Do You Really Think Of An Older Woman And A Teenage Boy?
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