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How to not be anxious when receiving oral from a guy?

As most ladies would know, there is a massive pressure from this ideology of how women should look like down there, smell like down there and taste like down there. Now I known grown ass men (mature men) know that each lady part is different, that the taste will vary throughout the month and so does the smell. But some men (of course not all) don't really know this, and for a lot of women (including myself), we feel very insecure about receiving oral. I've had a few relationships with guys who were willing to give oral if we were to get intimate, but I always declined. Now with this new guy, he is more experienced than I am and days he would like to do it for me. He is not forcing it or anything but he wants everything to be special when I'm with him. I don't want to talk to him about it. So is there anyone that could offer some advice on how to be more confident with it? I heard some people taste themselves, but I get so scared to do it. Like I feel weird if I was to do it (even tho it's my own body). Advice please? I'm sure that I would like to experience it one day but I'm really anxious about it and feel insecure.
How to not be anxious when receiving oral from a guy?
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