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Why does my mom do this and what can I do?

When my boyfriends around and she walks by him she never says excuse me she just sort of squeezes by him where her ass will almost graze his dick.

My dad once swore and warned me about her to never leave my boyfriends around her.

One time my boyfriend went to go fix her flat. He was gone for an 1 and a half. I called him and said what are you doing he said talking to your mom about her car. And I hear her in the backround saying how she's not the other woman and how she wouldn't do that to me and stuff and knows how I am about being paranoid.

When I told my boyfriend why is he talking to my mom so long he swore its not like that at all. When I told him my concern he said no!

My mom talks about porn around him and her panties and stuff she has no filter I've asked her to stop it but she continues. What can I do

What's going on?
Why does my mom do this and what can I do?
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