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Would you consider this "grooming" or a type of abuse in the following circumstances?

Trigger warning:
Question is about a hypothetical scenario between a close relative (aunt/uncle) and their nephew/niece (further below just "N").

If they (aunt/uncle) engaged in the following, towards their younger relative throughout N's late teenage age and adulthood:

Intentionally and consistently kiss N on the lips as a form of greeting/goodbye.

Sometimes Appear nude in front of N while making their way to/from the shower and saying something like "can't be bothered to put clothes on, look away!" in a humorous tone.

Seek alone time out with N, to go to the pool, grab coffee/lunch together while frequently engaging in physical contact such as holding hands and making humorous remarks such as:
"I wonder if they think you are my younger boy/girlfriend or something haha"
"Did you see that bitch's face? she looked fuming jealous while looking at you!"

Encouraging N in fitness, touching N's physique (arms, abs) and saying "wow, I got goosebumps!" or "gee if only I got a guy/girl who looks like this sliding into my DMs grrr haha!" afterwards.

Browsing N's photos and saying "pssh, I don't mind seeing your junk, you're my nephew" after N takes the phone away to check for any questionable pictures.

Some notes:
N never expressed discomfort or disapproval with any of this behavior and they respond with similar banter and energy.
The older relative openly expresses satisfaction with being N's favorite relative, considers theirs a very close relationship and doesn't conceal affection for N in front of other relatives.

If you were in N's position would you find any of this problematic, more than problematic?
Would any gender combination of the relatives make any difference?
Should N address this at a point well into their adulthood?

Also, trolls fuck off, this is a serious inquiry.
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Would you consider this "grooming" or a type of abuse in the following circumstances?
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