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What do you think about what I did with this girl?

She were a bitch.. any guy can turn her on!! She were doing sex daily and everyday with a guy 😅..
Thanks god that all must wear condom so i think its safe...
I dated her.. started to fake love her...
She loved me finally..
I didn't touch her or give her a space to make her sure i don't want her body *honestly i didn't use her for her body*
I dealed with her to be in a relation so she can't talk to any other guys she accepted..
I sexted her after 2 months when she saw my dick pic she said baby this dick must fuck my pussy..
We selected a day to make sex in my home..
This day my parents came suddenly to the home so i took her in my car (dark windows)..
She said no people out side will hear my voice..
I said baby let me just touch pussy lips with a french kiss.. then i started fingering.. her face starts to change and said fuck me gimme ur dick so i got naked and she get over me.. i went fast so the car was jumping she stopped me.. people will see us..
So i stopped but my dick still in.. i started rubing her pussy and slapping lips and fingering with my dick inside untill she cummed..
After this day we didn't do sex and i learned her to stop sex with guys..
Now she is married and a good women...
1 mo
Im asking a real question cuz I feel some blame
What do you think about what I did with this girl?
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