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What do you think of career cam girls?

A while back I read somewhere that the number one thing that young women wanted to be after high school was an onlyfans cam model. Before that it used to be YouTuber and then Instagram influencer. I think that as it's becoming harder to get attention on YouTube because it's a majority male oriented space women went to Instagram to get attention. Before that it was Facebook before posts were throttled. But it wasn't until YouTube and Instagram that women could make money. But those honey pots are running dry so it's onto the next frontier of male attention and money. For a while there were twitch thots. But now we have the age of the cam whore. Teaven there's no shame in defending ethotery and cam whoring. They provide women with attention, money and the satisfaction of exploiting the male erection. feminists were trying to shut it down. I remember back at slutwalk the fat feminists were supporting the decriminalization of sex work offline. But when that happened then the johns were criminalized so it scared away a lot of the sex workers clients. But the feminists had no problem taking the support from the street walkers to help their own cause. But the online thotery can't be stopped at this point because it's become socially acceptable.
What do you think of career cam girls?
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