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I hate my girlfriend but don’t know how to dump her part 1?

So I have girlfriend, I met her when I was in a good place in life and was 6 months sober but after 6 months of dating her my life plummeted to shit. The first three months of being a couple we had unprotected sex almost 5 times a day. It started to slow down after 4 months then it was sex like every other day but I noticed she was messaging a guy on Snapchat (and I noticed because I sent her a snap and she was acting sus about opening it), second thing is she went to a music festival and called me crying talking about how alone she is and then a guy interrupted our phone call and she immediately hung. A month later it me and her went out with some friends to drink and she seen an old fuck buddy who regretted her relationship offers in the past and she went to say hi to him at the bar and he pretended like he didn’t know her and she broke down in tears (I really didn’t know what to do) me and her went back to my place later in the night and I caught her talking to him on snap while she was fondling her clit, I forgave her because we had sex 20 minutes before they talked so I pretended it was okay. A month later she has her best friends bday party and doesn’t text me the whole night because we’re fighting. We made up the day after but 7 days later she texts me while I’m at work she caught. Chlamydia and apologizes and says if I don’t wanna be with her then leave now. I got tested and it came back negative, so roughly out of the 200 times we had unprotected sex I never caught it. So I decide to snoop through her phone because I’m just tired of this shit, I find so much gold (that I wanna vomit), the guy she was messaging on snap was from tinder, she was sending thirst trap snaps of her cleavage to someone while she was at the music festival begging to link up. Now Halloween comes and I’m still with her and she’s acting sus on her phone so I decide to snoop again and she’s texting this guy and planning to link at his hotel room. So I catch this and finally dump her.
I hate my girlfriend but don’t know how to dump her part 1?
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