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Is it a dealbreaker if a guy asks his girlfriend to peg him?

So my girlfriend and I have been together for a couple months and started having sex about a week ago. We started talking about different sex positions while we were just casually hanging out, not in bed. She told me she wanted to be tied up and do some light bondage, which I agreed to do some time then she asked me what I wanted and I said one day I wanted to try pegging and she asked what that was (that should’ve been my first sign that this was going to go badly) and when I told her she immediately let go of my hand while we were holding hands and left the room for what seemed like forever. When she came back into the room she was not her usual bubbly self and seemed cold and distant. This was about a week ago and we haven’t had sex since then when we were hooking up almost every night before this. Did I ruin this relationship? I won’t be completely devastated if we don’t stay together but I am wondering if this is completely repulsive to other women.
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Is it a dealbreaker if a guy asks his girlfriend to peg him?
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