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Why are men so afraid of being dominated in the bedroom?

I’m mostly submissive, but I the idea of dominating from time to time because it sounds really sexy to me. When I say “dominate” I don’t mean whipping, spanking, or causing any pain to him.

Sadly, adult films depict dominant women on the more extreme side when really most of us dominant women are more gentle than that.

When I think of dominating a man, in the bedroom, I think of me taking control or telling him what to do.

I imagine a scenario where I tie him to a chair and have my way with him. I sit on his lap, grind on his dick, make out with him, kiss up on his neck, slowly strip off his clothes, rub my tits in his face, tell him to suck my tits, make him motorboat my tits, etc. Then I climb off and slowly make my way down until I’m on my knees. Then I unzip his pants and suck him off until he’s nice and hard for me. Then I untie him, push him onto the bed, and I ride him cowgirl til I cum all over his dick.

Another scenario is similar to the one above but with role playing. In this dominating role play I am the teacher and he is my student. He has to sit in a chair and wait for my instructions. I come out in a sexy teacher outfit and glasses. I instruct him that he is to take an exam. His exam is that I am allowed to do anything I want to him (within his agreed limits), but he is not allowed to touch me the entire time. If he does touch me then he fails the exam and I get to ride his face til I cum.

So men, why’re you not comfortable with being dominated in the bedroom? Would you be okay with doing any of the dominating scenarios I listed above?
Why are men so afraid of being dominated in the bedroom?
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