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#JoinIfBored and copy the survey, stating if you find it hot or not?

Copy/Paste survey. Reply if you find it to be a turn on, turnoff, hot or not, or a dealbreaker... Or you can say “Depends” and explain why. If unable to copy/paste, please put a key word so i know what you’re referring to.
If your partner were...

1. To get a tattoo?
2. To drink alcohol?
3. To smoke weed?
4. To smoke cigs?
5. A virgin?
6. To want sex on the first date?
7. To enjoy porn weekly?
8. To once had starred in a porno?
9. To ask you to attend church weekly?
10. To state they dont believe in God?
11. To not own a car?
12. To currently wear braces?
13. To have previously been married?
14. To prefer polygamous relations?
15. To always refuse to exercise?
16. To get a GED instead of diploma?
17. To still live with parents at 30+?
18. To still live with roommates at 25+?
19. To currently attend Med/Law School
20. To refuse to ever cook?
21. To live in a different city/state?
22. To live in a different country?
23. To be taller than you?
24. To be the same height as you?
25. To be shorter than you?
26. To have small size boobs/butt/dick
27. To have short cut hair?
28. To have extremely long hair?
29. To wear makeup or nail polish?
30. To still play video games?
31. To suggest saving sex til marriage?
32. To party/club every weekend?
33. To eat junk food/fast food weekly?
34. Vegan/vegetarian?
35. To refuse to partake in oral?
36. To have a body count of 10-20+?
37. To suggest period sexxx?
38. To suggest golden showers?
39. To suggest BDSM?
40. To never want to marry?
41. To never want kids?
42. To want more than 3 kids?
43. To have a kid before meeting you?
44. To often watch dramas/reality tv?
45. To watch anime often?
46. To had previously dated your friend?
47. To state they are bisexual?
48. To currently serve in military?
49. More than 5 years older than you?
50. More than 5 years younger than u?
21 d
Virgin/Taller/Short Hair/Sex til marr/dramas? On
porn/GED/no car/refuse cook/junk food/veg? Eh
3 kids/Kid b4/no oral/Church/diff city/same ht? Eh
tattoo/alcohol/weed/cigs/sex 1st date? Off
star in porno/dont believe in God/braces? Off
prev married/poly/refuse exercise/anime? Off
30+ Parents/Roommates at 25/Med/Law? Off
Dif country/Shorter/Small dick/long hair/age? Off
Polish/VideoGames/Party/body count/bi/mil? Off
Period sex/piss/bdsm/never marry/never kids? Off
#JoinIfBored and copy the survey, stating if you find it hot or not?
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