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My girlfriend may have given me an STD. Should I be angry?

im a 36 year old man and my girlfriend is 35

we have been together for just over a year now and I love her... a lot. she feels the same way and things have been great. we clicked from day 1 and we've not had a single argument in the year we have been together.

even after a year together we still have sex multiple times a day and i can honestly say its the best sex I've ever had, in fact she wants sex so much i sometimes find it hard to keep up.

things are great.

however, she occasionally gets cold sores and she woke up on boxing day with one... the problem is we had oral sex Christmas day and this morning i noticed a small spot on my penis and a tingling feeling in my lips so im worried she may have given me herpes.

I've never had an STD and have never suffered from cold sores so im hoping im over reacting but Im going to book an appointment at the sexual health clinic in the morning just to be safe, but i can't help but feel a little pissed off.

she said her lips were hurting but she thought it was from the cold weather. She feels terrible about it and i know its an accident but I can't decide how i feel.

the thing is, i also went down on her multiple times so its very likely she will have it too which im beating myself up about even though i wasn't to know.
My girlfriend may have given me an STD. Should I be angry?
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