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Why do some people balme all of their exs but never admit they are wrong ever?

So I check in on 1 of my exs girlfriend/ associate she has not changed as a person and it annoys me. The only good thing that change is she finally realized she needs to be happy with herself before dating anyone. My ex Pauline till this day says all of her exs boyfriends are toxic or blames every single one of her for all the issues in her life. She was in a 6 year long relationship and cheated on her fiance with a friend. She left her fiance for this guy mac who I told her was using her for sex.

She cursed me out said I was just trying to break them up becuase I was jealouse I ended up being 100% right he dumped her because she wouldn't have a 3 way with him, took 100s of photos &videos of her without her consent. My ex Pauline dated 3 good guys out of 15 random hook ups. 1. Relationship end becuase of her family and her forcing the dude not to watch any porn or anything with sex screens in it. 2. David moved away. 3. Nick She cheated on him twice.
I known I seem way to mad but I'm sorry it just pisses me off becuase she goes through this fake ass self healing process. but ends up in another relationship then destroys the new guy mentally and does all the toxic shit she did with every guy she ever dated to the new guy. I have never once seen this girl admit she was wrong and it scares me that their are people like her out their. I no joke I'm friends with one of her exs who is destroys mentally and has zero confidence after what she did to him and it been 4 months.
Why do some people balme all of their exs but never admit they are wrong ever?
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