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Do you approve of Kink Shaming?

Following the hilarious fallout of Jack Murphy/John Goldman, a conservative online personality who ran an "Alpha Male" grift course while literally cucking himself while having his fiancée sleep with other men, writing articles on being a cuckold, and recording himself getting pegged, peeing on his wife's face, and doing/getting tossed salad among other depravity.

His whole "career" is pretty much over after he snapped and cursed out a Blaze podcast host who read a Superchat donation from a viewer with him as a guest. The bizarre and inappropriate reaction to her reading someone else's question has lead to a Streisand Effect of everyone digging up his dirt, revealing him to be a lewd per vert and literal cuckold (keep in mind, he ran thousand-dollar courses on "how to be a man") and him spazzing out on social media, threatening to sue people for laughing at him for being a literally cuck and beta male, while teaching $3,800 courses. All this just happened from December 19th to December 28th, 2021. All from one $10 Superchat question that he handled very poorly and childishly.

This whole saga has been dubbed the "Sperm Wars." The lash-out at miss Sydney Watson has been known as "the incident." He's been the biggest lolcow on the internet for the past few days now. And it's far from over.

The question:

My response? Absol-f*cking-lutely! Things like anal sex, tossed salad, pegging, and especially the extreme stuff like C. P... Yes, I definitely will kink shame. Stop trying to act like it's "bullying" to point out being a sick freak. Society in general could use a bit more shame and reminders that being a freak and degenerate isn't cool. I don't even have an issue with the acts themselves as much as people thinking they're "acceptable" and people should be cool with sick sh*t like this. I'm not religious, at all, but "some of y'all need Jesus." (Also, "pansexual/bisexual/heteroflexible" aren't a thing. You're just gay.)
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Do you approve of Kink Shaming?
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