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Is this mean I am gay?

Hello people! I want to say that I am sexually attracted to men and to their d*cks, but I don't think about kissing, hugging and having romance and loving relationship with a man (that can change with time tho). I love s*cking on dildos and f*cking my as* with them, the feeling is great and I think and fantasize about being f*cked by a man and s*cking his c*ck everyday.. I had desires about women before, but now I don't.. And I also like wearing thongs, panties and girly things. :) I always imagined myself that in time I will have wife and kids, but here how are the things now for me and I dont know what that means and if I am really gay or not.. So, tell me what you think?
Is this mean I am gay?
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