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Bored? Then let's play this or that?

Sexuality topic so yeah... Feel free to go anon if it helps 🙃

You need to choose one.

1. Cum in mouth or cum in pussy?
2. Porn or erotic literature?
3. Sex with ex or sex with stranger?
4. Fuck pussy with condom or ass without?
5. Gay sex or no never sex again?
6. Fuck someone 10 years younger or 10 years older?
7. Regular double penetration or double pussy penetration?
8. Wear gag ball or butt plug?
9. Get caught having sex by parents or upload sex tape on porn site without anyone knowing?
10. Only vanilla sex forever or only BDSM sex forever?
17 d

1. Pussy
2. Literature
3. Stranger
4. Ass
5. Gay
6. Older
7. Regular
8. Plug
9. Video
10. BDSM
Bored? Then let's play this or that?
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