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My boyfriend asks me to send my nudes?

I am 18 and my boyfriend is 19. We met on discord. Were friends for 4-5 months and now we are in relationship. He's pretty serious about us and he's probably planning to tell his parents about our relationship. He's very understanding and supports me in every decision I take. He's concious about my career, studies and stuff. Which makes me believe he is not like other guys. But at times he asks me for my nudes, I send him snaps of mu nudes without my face in it. I told him that I won't send my face ever along with the picture, he convince me sometimes to send along with my face but he's fine if I don't feel safe sending face. He talks about our intemate relationship and asking for nudes very frequently... But is it okay doing so?
My boyfriend asks me to send my nudes?
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