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Girls, General relationship advice on different labido levels?

Hey everyone. I’ve been married for a few years and my wife and I have struggled to find a good sex rhythm. Before we were married she was super horny but for religious reasons, we waited until marriage. Once married, she completely changed and for a long time didn’t like sex. Eventually we found out that her birth control was killing her labido and so we got her off, which seemed to help. But there’s always reasons why we can’t have sex. I get rejected a lot and it messes with my confidence. To me, a healthy and hot sexy life is the dream. I’ve spend my whole marriage wishing she was more turned on my me and I try not to take it personally. I do tons of chores and cook meals. I help take care of the baby. I basically clear all of the to do list for sexual encounters, but when I’m done, she takes it as an opportunity to relax. We can’t schedule sexual times because she feels too much pressure. I can’t be spontaneous because she feels ambushed and unprepared. What makes me the most sad is that we can’t really explore or improve our sex life because we don’t get practice enough, so things that she feels self conscious about can’t get easier. I try and mix things up, so I do it in different locations, I go down on her a lot (even when it’s a less-fresh day), I foreplay big time. I try and make her feel beautiful. One day I asked her to go to a counselor with me and she said she didn’t feel comfortable doing it. I went by myself and told her that I was going to learn how to do my part to make our sex life what we both want it to be. She really wishes she was a sex maniac, but instead of deciding to do it, she makes herself feel guilty for not doing it so that she’s even less turned on. I always make her cum first and I’ve essentially given up on my deeper desires (blowjobs) to keep her comfortable. Girls, can you notice anything that I’m missing that I should do? I’m trying not to feel unattractive but I just feel like she’s not attracted to me anymore.
Girls, General relationship advice on different labido levels?
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