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Do girls actually like to be tied up?

I love seeing a girl bound and it's a lot of fun to tie a girl up. I've learned a bunch of classic bondage styles and practiced on prostitutes. They'd be scared when I first got the rope and overpowered them but once I said I'm just getting what I paid for they would just let me have my fun but sometimes would get really angry and call me a bastard and son of a bitch. I've always wondered if girls like being tied up by a man and if so what is there to enjoy about having a man tie you up? Hookers will put up with anything we do to them but I've never tied up a real girl and wondered how my girlfriend might feel if I started tying her up or if she woke up bound. I'd never do gross things to her like I did to hookers such as taping her panties in her mouth and I have soft ropes made for tying up girls and not the rough ropes I started out using. Should I worry about scaring her? I can overpower a girl at any time so being tied up doesn't really change her safety, she's safe because she's with me.
Do girls actually like to be tied up?
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