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Is my friends with benefits falling for me?

I don't want to get mixed up. My friends with benefits sometimes just makes me question myself whether there's more than that.

  • He calls me "honey"
  • He reaches for my hand and holds it in public. Even hug me
  • He told me that he doesn't mind just sleeping next to each other without having sex just so he can spend his time with me
  • He'll ask me if im ok and checks up on me (he literally said that)
  • He doesn't mind making out with me in public
  • He'll kiss me where ever we are (just a peck on the cheek)
  • He'll ask whether im sleeping with someone else
  • After sex, we'll cuddle and he will pull me in closer to his chest and sleep. We'll even tease playfully and laugh most of the time instead of sex
  • He'll take pictures of us together
  • We both dont want to share each other with anyone else so no threesome
  • We text each other everyday with good morning and goodnight texts
  • He hugs me tightly before we went home
  • He wants to spend the night and wake up next day with me
  • He ask me whether i want him or whether im into him
Is my friends with benefits falling for me?
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