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Uti or what else could it be?

Is this a uti or over hydrated. Ok so since last night when I’ve peed I’ve felt a slight tingling sensation on the tip of my genital. My pee has been clear here and there it’s been yellow - clear and I’m just scared that it may be a uti and I don't know it if is or not so most of you who’re on this app have better knowledge then me what’s your guys verdict?

My dad had went into the hospital for a uti and that’s another thing that concerns me

Side note but gross note I haven’t engaged in masturbation for a few days and I did it last night and then that’s when this feeling started to become noticeable could it very well be that and I aggravated that part of my body or is it more likely a uti. Serious answers only !
Uti or what else could it be?
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