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Why is the "born this way" argument not viable for pedophiles, necrophioles, zoophiles and so on?

i don't wanna condone pedophilia, necrophilia and zoophilia at all but i do wanna think about this without any bias or prejudice. so if you find yourself triggered by even thinking of the words mentioned, don't answer this question and go to your local safe-space to seek shelter from uncomfortable thoughts that may come up.

so we keep arguing that peoples sexuality as well as sexual identity and sexual desires are genetic or inherent and not learned, impossible to change and since it's not a personal choice, it's not in the responsibility of the individual, so we have to just accept it right? so we have accepted that being lesbian, bisexual, gay, trans, queer and many more is ok and totally fine.
we have accepted that self identifying as opposite gender, genderless or even something that isn't even human is not only ok but should be accepted by everyone that has no personal experience with this stuff too.
having said that, why is being a pedophile, necrophile and zoophile not ok? Can they change their desire or identity?

i fully understand that children, animals and dead people can not give consent to sexual intercourse and i am against allowing sexual activities involving them but from a logical standpoint, i don't understand completely. i'm just trying to discuss our social norms from the perspective of the individual and ask, why we come to assume that sexuality is not a free will choice, yet we blame pedos for being pedo, necrophiles for being necro and so on as if they could decide to stop that. why can we not have same "acceptance" standards for every sexuality? i'm not saying we should allow them to have sex with children, animals or corpses. i'm just saying: why not accept and stop demonizing their sexual identity?

why have we stopped seeing gender disphoria as a "disorder" or an "illness" when with the same argument we stopped donig that, we would logically have to stop seeing pedophiles, zoophiles or necrophiles as sick or ill?
Why is the "born this way" argument not viable for pedophiles, necrophioles, zoophiles and so on?
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