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How to move on from traumatic sexuaul experience?

  • I've keep this in for a while now, but a last month two of my guy friends invited me to a party. So I went with them I didn't realize there were gonna be so many people I didn't know, I was really uncomfortable and my friends said I should have some drinks to relax and soon after I felt sick and he took me upstairs and I was laying on a bed and I felt him touching my legs. I told him to stop and got up to leave but he picked me up and put me on the bed and got on top of me, I was on my stomach so it was hard for me to move then he told me this is what I get for being a tease and I felt him forcing himself inside of me. I told him to stop but he didn't I was crying begging him to stop it hurt so much, then the other guy I came to the party with walks in and I thought he would make him stop but all he said was give it to her hard laughed and closed the door. Soon after I felt him doing it really hard then a warm feeling inside of me, I felt so humiliated and disgusting he just walked out and left me up stairs like nothing happened I just layed there crying. I try and keep a optimistic look on life but this was really hard on me especially for my first. I don't know how to move forward because of this.
How to move on from traumatic sexuaul experience?
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