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Is there such a thing as sibling sexual attraction?

When you think about it, growing up we spend more time with our siblings than just about anybody else. Especially if, for instance, you only have one sister/brother. Or in my case, I had one sister and our closest neighbor was over a mile away and had no kids…so my sister and I were like best friends and did everything together. Innocent enough at first. But just as friends tend to do, especially in teen years, we got curious. Ultimately she was the one to initiate things, I just dropped hints by not hiding my erection or wandering eyes. We experimented and it was awkward but having nothing else at all to do, we tried again, and again. We had found a way to kill time and we both loved it. The thrill of the forbidden plus possibly getting caught. But we both agreed that all that was there was purely sexual and now to this day 14 years since I moved out of that house, even though we kinda get on each other’s nerves, we tend to end up in the bedroom with every visit. And now we have Game of Thrones mainstreaming brother and sister relationships.
Has anyone else ever had a sexual thought or desire for their siblings? Even if it was a fleeting or unwanted thought? And I’m curious to know how many people have acted on and fulfilled their desire.
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Had a thought about a relative other than my sibling.
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Is there such a thing as sibling sexual attraction?
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