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He wants to eat me out, what should I do?

I noticed my friend would check me out but normally I wouldn’t pay too much attention to it cause I didn’t wanna say anything and potentially scare him away for noticing.

But lately he’s been saying sexual stuff to me. Not everyday, but sometimes when it’s just me and him alone. One time I was jogging over to the garbage can to quickly throw something away, and he was nearby watching and said how jiggly my ass was and that he wanted me to shake it in his face.

I said “Huh?” and asked him to repeat himself cause I thought he was talking to someone else. He shook his head saying “Nevermind” and smiled while looking away.

A few weeks later we were sitting together talking about video games, and his other friends showed up and hinted to me asking if I wanted his tongue. I said no and my friend froze like I wasn’t suppose to know he told them about it.

I like him too but I’m way too self cautious of my body. I’m afraid he might not like me afterwards.
He wants to eat me out, what should I do?
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