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My husband want me to have a “white girl” personality.. ?

Yeah, the tittle is real lol.
long story short, I’m a Latina, born an raise in Colombia, I came to USA and I meet my now husband a American man, well lately we been having some issues, my husband want me to have a “white girl” personality as he told me.. all his exes were white girls, not the typical white girl, they were ratchet, hood white girls, he used to be a drug dealer on this younger days, so he is used to that kind of woman, I’m totally the opposite, so I honestly don’t know why he is with me, he told me that I’m “ sexually basic” , nobody had ever told me that, and I know that I’m not, one thing that I knew is that sexually I never had any insecurities until I met him.
He likes hardcore sex and threesomes, but he hide all those feelings from me, he told me how he did all kind of kinky and crazy sexual stuff but he NEVER have sex with me, and he never do anything of that with me.,
I’m undergoing surgery soon, because I’m thinking that he will like me more if I get more prettier but I honestly don’t understand him. It is something wrong with me?
***** I’m sorry if my writing isn’t perfect, English is my second language. *****
My husband want me to have a “white girl” personality.. ?
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