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What is the psychological perspective someone can interpret the situation?

We have had our ups and downs.
Lately it's been him focusing on himself mainly. That's not bad. However I feel like sometimes respect is lacking. I try my hardest to change my insecurities and be a better woman and not be toxic. I attempt in more sexual acts despite my past sexual trauma. I had trauma smoking marijuana and I attempt in ease my way into it more. It is all for him because he has a high sex drive and smokes a lot since his past relationship introduced him to it and it helps him ease with his anxiety. Although, I was sick for a few days and he makes minimal effort to make me comfortable and sexually teases or touches me when I'm in pain. I'd throw up over a stomach bug and comes in after and playfully humps me over the bathroom sink. He probably wasn't aware because I flushed the toilet after doing so. Still. He says he is still trying to figure himself out. He may be Polly he says and feels guilty when he has these thoughts. He gets romantically attached to strangers but doesn't act on it as he tells me. He says he is not good at relationships because he feels bound. I just think he wants to free roll on people offering a fun time. Like when offered to go out of the country with a woman he barely knows a few years back. He is easily unmotivated when keeping a stable income and I even invest to help him out too many times living together at our rent. I know he gets depressed though quickly and feels inadequate. However he wants a fun time with other people than with me and out with public with me he gets easily agitated in crowds and wants me to take the driver seat in deciding plans. He never wants to. When I do, he delays them or finds reasons to not go or is too broke to do anything. Surely there's a key answer a man can give me what he's going through and what he needs to build him to be happier.
What is the psychological perspective someone can interpret the situation?
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