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Are men that prefer dogs to cats more likely to be gay?

I think it's possible, here is my reasoning, cats are more feminine and girl like, more fragile and delicate.. I've never had a pet but I'd buy a cat before a dog... I don't want some boystrous masculine dog jumping all in my face slobbering all over me smelling like shit and making a mess everywhere, maybe some guys like that but I'd much prefer something that cleans it's self and stays out of my way and doesn't slobber all over my fucking face.. and doesn't smell like shit, Its kind of like cats are girls and dogs are men... So why would a man prefer a more masculine animal to accompany him? Makes him seem like he might be slightly more homo and not even realise since he prefers boystreous slobbering horny ass dogs jumping all over him
Yes I think so, slightly more gay than most
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13 d
I mean more agile and delicate
13 d
Also did I mention barking is annoying as. fuck?
Are men that prefer dogs to cats more likely to be gay?
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